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Vein Screenings in <br> South Florida

Vein Screenings

Book a leg or vein screening today.

We screen your legs and any other body parts that may need vein care for varicose or spider veins or other signs of vein disease. These screenings are done in a single appointment and don’t involve taking blood or getting hooked up to any painful or scary equipment.

When you leave, you’ll almost always know exactly how healthy your veins are and what treatment options are available for your vein issues.

If you need to come back or get a referral because of a more serious issue, we’ll be able to help you understand your options during your screening, too.

Treatment Options

Our caring physicians, nurses and other trained medical staff are here to help you understand your treatment options. During your vein screening, we will learn about your medical history and look closely at areas of concern.

From there, we can make referrals to specialists as needed or make treatment recommendations for simple treatments in our own comfortable office environment.

At PomVascular, we offer fast, easy and painless leg and vein screenings from our offices in Miami, Florida. These screenings are the first step in healing or resolving varicose or spider veins or managing pain, swelling or other symptoms caused by vein disease.


Get help with insurance for vascular care
at POM MRI & Radiology Centers

All of our centers accept most insurance plans.

Work with insurance to cover your vein care.

At POM MRI & Radiology Centers, we know most patients are ready for relief from cosmetic or medical vein disease. Especially if your veins are causing pain or swelling, you’re probably more interested in our world-class care than dealing with your insurer.

Our office support staff is individually trained in helping our patients navigate insurance coverage so that you can learn about how to access the best vein care possible for your situation.

What Vein Care Is Covered

Insurance coverage is determined on an individual basis by each insurance company. That means our office staff doesn’t control the final insurance outcome.

Most insurers don’t cover cosmetic conditions, but if your treatment is medically necessary, you probably have coverage under most insurance plans.

We can help you with a wide variety of insurance situations:

  • We can ensure that we offer you the best care and treatment plan for your condition.
  • We document and justify our treatment recommendations clearly and accurately for your insurer.
  • We can provide written letters or satisfy other insurance requests as needed.
  • We explain to you what your insurer tells us about your coverage.

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