Vein Sclerotherapy in
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See how sclerotherapy can help you with cosmetic or medical vein issues during an easy outpatient procedure. To learn more about vein sclerotherapy or to book an appointment, visit Pom Vascular.

Vein Sclerotherapy in South Florida


The Ultimate Treatment for Small Veins

Sclerotherapy is an outpatient treatment for resolving the appearance of small veins in your legs or other areas of your body.

One of our qualified physicians or other medical professionals injects the small veins in your legs with a solution that helps eliminate the veins. Some patients only need one appointment, but others benefit from up to six, spaced about a month apart,

We instruct most patients to wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy—but, for the most part, you can return to work or your other daily activities with little or no downtime right after your appointment.

How Sclerotherapy Works?

One of our staff members injects your veins with a special solution. The injection is fast, and the solution doesn’t sting or burn under your skin. It causes the specific portion of the vein we inject to collapse into your body. Your body absorbs the vein without harming the surrounding veins, skin or other tissues.

You might notice a little bit of bruising or swelling at the injection site. This is normal and not usually a cause for concern. We usually recommend heat and aspirin to help. If you need to return for more visits, the procedure is the same.

Sclerotherapy is highly effective and permanent for treating the veins we inject. While it won’t prevent future veins from becoming a problem, it resolves the problems of the treated veins quickly and painlessly in almost all cases.

Ultrasound Sclerotherapy

For patients who have vein problems that would normally require surgical removal, PomVascular is pleased to offer ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy.

This advanced treatment is for deeper veins that may not be immediately visible or for larger veins that don’t respond to traditional sclerotherapy or other treatments.

There is no anesthesia and no saline involved for a painless experience for nearly all patients, too. Treatment may only take a few minutes for some patients.

The staff at PomVascular is expert in providing this treatment to our patients.

While ultrasound sclerotherapy requires more knowledge, skill and experience than traditional sclerotherapy, we maintain the highest standards of care at our offices, so that you can avoid surgery, post-surgical downtime and potential surgical complications.

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