Diagnostic Letter

Dear Patient,

Thank you for choosing POM Radiology Centers for your mammography needs. POM has partnered with the radiologists of Women’s Imaging Associates to bring you world-class breast imaging services. We are the physicians who will be reading your diagnostic mammogram, and there are several items which we want you to know and understand:

  • A diagnostic mammogram differs from a screening mammogram in that we take special views of a targeted area in the breast. For most patients, these additional views will reveal that the area of concern is benign which means that there are no persistent findings that are suspicious for cancer. Often the original screening mammogram shows overlapping tissue that may initially look suspicious, but on the additional views, the tissue spreads out without evidence of anything that looks like cancer. On other occasions, we may be evaluating calcifications, and the special, additional views help us prove that the calcifications are benign.
  • In a few cases, we may not be able to say with total certainty that an area is benign. So we may ask you to return in six months to repeat these special views to be sure that nothing changes and biopsy is not necessary. We have very strict criteria for what we follow with a six-month mammogram. The chance of the area of concern being benign must be greater than 98%. Please do not forget to schedule or keep this follow up appointment because if there is a worrisome change, we want to know as soon as possible.
  • We recommend a biopsy whenever the findings suggest that the chance of cancer is greater than 2% in accordance with national guidelines.
  • Comparison with prior images is critical when evaluating a diagnostic mammogram. Returning to POM for any additionally recommended imaging will enable results to be made available much faster as prior images are immediately accessible to the radiologist.
  • When the physician radiologist reads your mammogram, the report will immediately be sent to your physician that requested the examination. The results of the mammogram should be obtained from the referring physician’s office. Within 30 days of the date of your examination, POM will send a letter with results to the home address that you provide.
  • Monthly self-examination of the breast is an important practice in addition to imaging. If you feel a new lump in your breast at ANY time after a normal mammogram or ultrasound, report this finding to your physician so that the appropriate evaluation can be performed. Mammography and ultrasound can miss some cancers. Do not let a recent normal breast procedure prevent you from discussing a change in your breasts with your physician.

Our goal is to find cancer when it is small and most easily and successfully treated. We strive to be sensitive and find small cancers while balancing unnecessary callbacks and biopsies.

All the best,

The Physicians of Women’s Imaging Associates

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