Why November Is the Hairiest Month of the Year

Why November Is the Hairiest Month of the Year on pommri.com

What is Movember and why should you care?

The month made famous for its turkey, sweet potato and pumpkin pie has now gained popularity for another reason—and it’s a hairy one. Since 2003, Movember (also called No Shave November) has been gaining popularity all over the world. To date, the charity has raised $650 million and funded over 1,000 programs focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.
What’s it all about?

Things are getting hairy!

We’re just two weeks into November and whether you like it or not, you’re probably seeing a lot more facial hair around the office, in the supermarket, even in your own house (assuming there are men living there). Because November is officially the month that men around the world can toss out their disposable razors, unplug their electric shavers and add a few more minutes to their morning routine.
For thirty days, all men are encouraged NOT to shave.

It’s not just about the stache, mate!

The term Movember is a takeoff of the Australian expression “support a mo” which is slang for mustache. But while you will see many more mustaches during the month of November than you may see all year, it’s not all about the stache. In reality, Movember was created to raise awareness and support for men’s health issues, to change the face of men’s health, as it were. By not shaving for thirty days, men are showing their support for the cause and women can show their support too by not insisting that their male family members or friends shave.

Mustaches that make a difference

Movember is an international organization that is raising funds to help increase early cancer detection and diagnosis while determining effective treatments and reducing the number of preventable deaths in men across the world. Men everywhere can sign up individually or as part of a team and begin the month with a clean shave. Then, as the month continues, they don’t shave in an attempt to grow their mustache and/or beard. Supporters of the cause can donate to a particular person, a team or just make a general donation. The money that’s raised goes to men’s most critical health issues: prostate and testicular cancer, as well as a fighting to decrease sedentary lifestyles.

And now, they added MOVE to the movement!

This Movember, participants are not only growing their facial hair, they’re moving! The MOVE challenge is new to the fundraising event encouraging men to add any kind of physical activity to their lives. Whether walking, swimming, biking or hiking, this 30-day physical fitness challenge is designed to help men live healthier lives while raising money and awareness for the issues.

Whether you’re growing a stache or supporting someone who is, Movember is a worthy cause that is truly accomplishing remarkable goals. At POM MRI, we serve patients every day who are facing many of the health issues that Movember is working so hard to eradicate. It’s our goal to provide the highest level of attention and customer service to our patients, doctors and clinical laboratories that trust us for their research studies.

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