Nurses Fight Back Against The View

Nurses Fight Back Against The View on

Why Kelley Johnson’s (Miss Colorado) Miss America talent performance will go down in history

Perhaps they weren’t aware of how offensive they were being or how ignorant they sounded, but when The View co-hosts made commentary about Kelley Johnson’s (Miss Colorado) Miss America monologue, they incited a rash of outrage among nurses everywhere. Instead of recognizing the fact that Johnson not only spoke movingly about her experience as a nurse, but also took an innovative approach to the traditional talent portion of the pageant, the show’s co-hosts, Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, made derogatory remarks that cut deep.

Johnson, who ended up being chosen as the second runner up, used the talent portion of the competition to deliver a monologue that discussed what it was like to be a nurse and about a particular experience with a patient named Joe who had Alzheimer’s. Her speech was not only poignant, it touched many people, including those with family members who are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

On their show the day after the televised pageant finals, Michelle Collins remarked that Johnson just read her emails out loud and Joy Behar questioned why Johnson wore “a doctor’s stethoscope.”

As one can imagine, outrage ensued across social media; nurses, patients and family members of patients from around the world came to Johnson’s defense—not only showing the power of social media, but more importantly setting the record straight about the unselfish, tireless work nurses do everyday. Here’s a look at some of the responses:


@TheView Today Joy Behar & crew mocked Miss Colo Nurse Kelly Johnson. Your comments were totally unacceptable. You owe Nurses an apology.

@TheView I use my stethoscope every day. I’m #notjustanurse – Im the nurse trying to save your life- YOUR nurse. #nursesunite #NursesMatter

@JoyVBehar You owe nurses an apology, make it quick and make it sincere! #NursesMatter #NursesUnite @AnneSpaceCoast

#nursesunite NICU nurses with our “nurse stethoscopes”

nurse stethoscopes

@michcoll @JoyVBehar thank u for reminding me why I will NVR watch your show #NursesMatter #yourBothIdiots

Thank you @MissAmericaCO for your monologue. My mom has younger-onset Alzheimer’s. The work you and every nurse do is much appreciated.

@JoyVBehar @TheView if I had a dollar for every time a doc borrowed MY stethoscope… #NursesMatter #NYSNA #NursesUnited

@JoyVBehar @michcoll Bad idea to upset over 3 million nurses! #doctorsstethoscope really? We will still take care of you because #nursesrock

#Nurse #NursesMatter #RespectNurses #TheView What did you bring to work today, Joy?


@TheView pissed off every nurse in the country. Lucky that the next nurse they encounter will rise above & take care of them. #nursesunite

@JoyVBehar Your ignorance is unbelievable #NursesShareYourStethoscopes #nursesunite

Thousands upon thousands of tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts slammed the co-hosts of The View and the show ended up losing one of their major sponsors over the incident. Of course, Behar and Collins made a formal apology on the air during their show after the backlash.

Johnson’s monologue is considered to be one of the most memorable Miss America Talent performances ever—and it’s highly likely that The View will never be able to boast that of any of their episodes.

At POM MRI & Imaging Centers, we take our hats off to Kelley Johnson and nurses everywhere because we know that nursing is not just a job—it’s a calling.

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