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Some Fake Facts About Mammogram in Cooper City, FL

Many women tend to skip their yearly mammogram appointments. Perhaps, some of them are not aware of its importance yet. It could also be that they do not have the time or adequate resources to comply with the said treatment. But here’s the bothering reality: A lot of women refuse to undergo a mammogram test simply because of the misconceptions concerning it. Here at POM MRI & Radiology Centers, we leave no room for myths! An annual mammogram is essential for your overall wellness, so before the pseudo-facts hinder you from receiving the healthcare that you need, our practice will expose to you the truths.

Common Myths Of Mammogram—And The Truths

Mammogram is painful

People hate pain. So if one unfamiliar treatment—like a mammogram—is offered, the typical response is rejection. But is there really something to fear about mammograms? Think of it as if you are getting a vaccine—where the tingling sensation is only short and mild. Technological advances also have a part in making the treatment a lot more comfortable. Here at POM MRI & Radiology Centers, for instance, we take mammograms to the next level by going digital instead of using its regular version.

It is bursting with too much radiation

We understand that you would always want to avoid the dangers of radiation. But on the flip side, we also believe that it is a thing that you cannot escape. Did you know that the world itself is loaded with radiation? You’ll get it from bananas, your grandma’s dinnerware, cigarettes, and some other stuff. If your concern is the unsafe radiation that you can get from a mammogram, read this carefully: Mammogram machines only emit a little amount of radiation, so your safety is secured.

A mammogram is not that necessary

Your family’s health background is superb, so it is okay to disregard the annual mammogram test—false! The cases of breast cancer are low; therefore mammogram is not needed anymore—wrong again! The truth is, 90% of women who suffer from this malady have no family history of the disease. Do know that despite the fatality of breast cancer, it is still possible for its early stage to be cured. The key is to detect the initial formation by receiving a mammogram exam every year.

POM MRI & Radiology Centers encourages all women to visit our clinic for breast cancer detection. The saying “prevention is better than cure” may sound cliche, but isn’t it normal to always prioritize safety?

Avail of our Digital Mammography Services in Cooper City, FL. Our office at POM MRI & Radiology Centers is located at 11011 Sheridan St., #101 Cooper City, FL 33026.

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