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Essential Things About X-Rays That You Need to Know in Plantation, FL

The human body itself is a complex system. It is composed of well-arranged multiple organs which themselves are dependent on each other. If one is compromised, the other parts will be affected too. When problems arise in any of these internal structures it may be quite hard to detect the issues. What people need then is a tool that will allow them to determine the said complication—a technology-based tool called X-radiation.

Everything started with the creative mind of Mr. Wilhelm Roentgen. After his discovery of x-ray, examining the inner parts of the human body has never been easier. X-ray tests help medical practitioners spot problems accurately. Here at POM MRI & Radiology Centers, we offer x-ray services under cancer screening. For you to have an additional knowledge regarding x-radiations, our practice listed down the essential information that you ought to know.

X-rays: Things To Keep In Mind

The issues that X-rays can identify is wide

X-rays are an effective medium to distinguish a wide range of concerns. It could help locate that small coin inside the child’s lungs if they happened to swallow it. If you want to know the condition of your chest, an x-ray can also assist. Other problems which are recognizable through the use of x-rays include bone fracture, tumors, heart troubles, pulmonary disease, dental abscesses, and even cancer.

There are several types of X-rays

The following are the different kinds of X-ray:

  • Kidney, ureter, and bladder X-ray is utilized to assess the person’s urinary system. The other term for this procedure is KUB X-rays.
  • Abdomen X-rays are commonly required for those who experienced prolonged stomach pain, nausea, swelling, and vomiting.
  • Teeth and bones X-rays allow the detection of oral issues. Dental professionals typically conduct an x-ray test on patients with hard-to-identify mouth problems.
  • Standard Computed Tomography gives off a comprehensive picture of the inner portions of the body. It is often performed in the hospital or radiologist’s office to have a look of the person’s circulatory system.
  • Chest X-rays are conducted on someone who suffers from lasting coughs, fever, chest pain and breathing difficulty.
  • Lungs X-rays, as the name implies, are focused on assessing the condition of the person’s lungs.

X-rays are safe

It is normal for people to worry about the radiation that an x-ray machine releases. If you are pregnant, then that is the only time that an x-ray exam will be tagged as unsafe. Since radiation is not suitable for developing babies, we do not advise expectant mothers to undergo the said procedure. Nevertheless, medical practitioners assured that x-rays are safe for people and contain only a lesser amount of radiation.

If you want to have a clearer view of X-rays, feel free to talk to us at POM MRI & Radiology Centers. We can give you detailed information regarding our X-rays service under Cancer Screening in Plantation, FL. You may visit our office at 4373 West Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, FL 33313.

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