Bone Health and Your Future

Bone Health and Your Future on

Think bones are just for holding you up? Think again! Find out why bone health is so important to our overall wellbeing.

Lots of people think of bones as a hard, lifeless material. They think their bones have more in common with rocks than with muscles, but the truth is bones are living, growing, active organs that are constantly changing.

Bones aren’t just for holding us up either. Bones protect important organs and release vital nutrients that our bodies need to survive. Let’s take a closer look at why bone health is so important for people of all ages.

Healthy bones are less likely to fracture

This might seem like an obvious conclusion, but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating. Strong, healthy, dense bones are less likely to fracture which helps avoid painful injuries. If your bones become weakened, either through age, poor nutrition, or both, you are more likely to suffer injuries when you might otherwise come away with a bruise. Not only are fractures painful, they can lead to expensive hospital bills and have potentially long-lasting effects.

Strong bones protect vital organs

Without bones, our brains, hearts, lungs, and other important organs would be subject to damage at the slightest collision. We obviously need our skulls to keep our brains from being harmed, but our ribs are also extremely important as they shield our heart, lungs, and other vital organs. They provide much of the shielding we need to stay active.

Bones release calcium

It’s common knowledge that bones are largely made of calcium, but did you know that calcium is needed all throughout the body, and our bones act as a storage unit? Calcium is stored in the bones and released into the bloodstream as needed. Because we need a highly specific level of calcium (not too much, not too little!), our bones regulate the amount and release calcium accordingly. When bones run low on calcium reserves, they start sacrificing their own to ensure the rest of the body has enough.

Creating important cells

Inside the bones is a material called marrow. This material serves many important functions, including the production of red and white blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for moving oxygen through the body, and white blood cells are the fighters that defend your body against sickness. Marrow is one of the most fascinating substances in the body, and it’s all made possible thanks to strong, healthy bones.

There’s little doubt that bone health is one of the most important aspects of overall wellbeing. Without strong bones, we are weaker and more vulnerable to injury. There are many ways to keep your bones in great shape, including a smart diet and plenty of exercise.

Get the information you need with POM MRI

When it comes to bone health, scans like a DEXA are very important for measuring bone density and diagnosing issues like osteoporosis. These scans help estimate the risk of fracture and can give you clues to the overall health of your bones. At POM MRI, we are proud to offer bone density scans and other medical imaging services.

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