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Q: When is the best time to screen for cancer?

Right now. That’s because when it comes to surviving cancer, the earlier you can detect it, the better.

With early detection, more options for treatment are available, including less invasive options. For example, if cancer is detected at an early stage (e.g. Stage I), treatment can be a minor inconvenience instead of a life-threatening surgery or highly toxic chemotherapy regimen required when it is found later.

Most people aren’t even aware that they can achieve early cancer detection. Some assume incorrectly that cancer will be caught with a blood test during their annual physical. Unfortunately, most blood tests still used by doctors are out of date, and unless you already have symptoms, these tests are unlikely to provide useful information. If you wait until you have symptoms, the cancer will likely be at a more advanced stage and may have also metastasized to other organs.

Take lung cancer for example. Most people with lung cancer do not detect it early, and five year survival rates are just 18%. However, when lung cancer is detected at stage 1, five year survival rates can exceed 90%. Pancreatic cancer detected at stage 4 has a five year survival rate of just 16%, compared with greater than 60% when detected at stage 1. When medullary thyroid cancer is detected early, five year survival rates are nearly 100%–versus just 39% for late-stage diagnoses.

Why is it that most doctors do not advocate preventive screenings for the early detection of most cancers? It is because the vast majority of them—and the entire medical industry for that matter—are trained to treat full blown disease, not prevent it.

So… if your goal is to find cancer at its earliest stages, a different approach is needed.

That’s where POM View comes in. Our comprehensive screenings are designed to find cancer early so that you can take the steps you need to ensure it doesn’t threaten your life.

The POM View Ultimate screening includes a comprehensive metabolic blood panel, precision CT scan of the heart, lungs, abdomen and pelvis and a consultation with Dr. Hilario Martinez. Most patients achieve peace of mind.

Screening may seem expensive on the surface, but the cost of treating advanced stage cancer is much, much more costly. “Health insurance doesn’t cover all the costs of cancer treatment,” Dr. Martinez noted. “Such treatments can cost eighty, ninety, one hundred thousand dollars or more. Today’s high cost of health insurance means that patients have higher deductibles and co-pays than a few years ago, which can make them responsible for up to 20% of these treatment costs. In fact, the average annual deductible for an individual is now over $4,300, and the patient will likely pay that every year they have treatment for cancer.”

Benjamin Franklin once commented that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is as true today as it was in the mid 1700’s. But today, we have better and more advanced tools for prevention, as well as specialized physicians like Dr. Martinez who know how to use these tools to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The best time to screen for cancer… is now. We invite you to make a resolution that includes a POM View Ultimate screening!


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