Notable Sports Injuries From the Last Month

Notable Sports Injuries From the Last Month on

These are some of the most significant injuries sustained over the last month of 2015

The life of an athlete can be dangerous. From muscle pulls to head injuries, athlete’s bodies take a lot of abuse. Fortunately, we have advanced testing like MRIs, x-rays, and CT scans that can help identify problems and target to solutions. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the notable sports injuries from the past month…

NFL injuries

Marcus Mariota: The Heisman Trophy winner, 2nd-overall pick draft pick, and starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans injured his knee against the New England Patriots on December 20th. After an MRI, it was determined that he had an MCL sprain. The Titans have no shot at making the playoffs, so while the injury is not severe, many believe the young star will sit out the last two games.

LeSean McCoy: The Buffalo Bills have two games to play on the schedule, but they may have to do so without star running back LeSean McCoy, who, like Mariota, was diagnosed with an MCL sprain after an MRI. McCoy injured his knee against the Washington Redskins, and to make things more painful, the Bills were knocked out of playoff contention for the 16-straight season.

LaGarret Blount: As for a team that will be in the playoffs, New England Patriots’ star running back LeGarrette Blount has been ruled out for the rest of the season due to hip injuries. He suffered the injury on December 13th against the Houston Texans.

Matt Hasselbeck: You have to admire the toughness of Matt Hasselbeck. This 40-year-old NFL quarterback was thrust into the starting spot after young star Andrew Luck was injured earlier in the year. After taking a hit against the Texans (them again?) Hasselbeck hit his head on the turf and was taken to the sideline. He passed sideline testing but remains questionable for the remainder of the season. With injuries to the head, many NFL players go through mandatory neurological testing.

NBA injuries

Joakim Noah: The Bulls center is known for being a tough, aggressive player, but he’ll likely miss some time after injuring his shoulder against the Brooklyn Nets on December 21st. Although the injury appeared painful, with Noah noticeably grabbing his shoulder in pain, the x-rays have come back negative. This could mean Noah, one of Chicago’s top players, will only miss limited time.

Carmelo Anthony: As one of the top scorers in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony is a vital component if the New York Knicks hope to make the playoffs in 2016. Unfortunately, Anthony tweaked his ankle against the Orlando Magic on December 21st. Although the extent of the injury has not been determined, further testing will help the team decide whether or not to keep this perennial NBA star out of future ballgames.

NHL injuries

Sidney Crosby: This is a tough injury not only for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but also the NHL, as Sidney Crosby is one of the most exciting hockey players in the world and a household name for fans. Crosby will undergo testing and evaluations for what’s being called a “lower-body” injury he suffered against the Columbus Bluejackets.

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