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Be Aware of Cancer: Signs and Symptoms to Watch out For

Cancer is one condition anyone would rather avoid. People think that it is already too late for anyone who has acquired the said disease since there is no true cure for cancer yet. However, know that detecting the issue early and providing immediate treatments give people with cancer a better shot of surviving the disease.

That said, it is essential for everyone to know all the possible signs and symptoms of cancer. Although patients cannot do much in diagnosing the issue, at least they will be aware of some clues that can assist the healthcare provider in deciding for the best course of action to take. So, here is a list of cancer signs and symptoms we at POM MRI & Radiology Centers have prepared.

Changes in the skin

People should watch out for new growth in the skin like marks, bumps, and moles. These may indicate the presence of skin cancer and other forms of the disease. Patients are highly advised to see the doctor if certain areas in the skin darkened, grew hair, became itchy, appeared reddish/yellowish, or formed an unexplained rash.

Sudden and effortless weight loss

One of the first symptoms people with cancer notice is that they lose weight. Almost half of the people with cancer have already shed some weight by the time they are diagnosed.


Blood cancers often cause a person to have a fever that can last for days or even weeks. If patients happen to suffer from a high fever for three days, it is best to see the doctor for a proper diagnosis.


Sores in the skin and mouth that don’t seem to go away and heal are signs of skin and oral cancer, respectively. If these are spotted, do not delay an appointment to get proper diagnosis and treatment.


If resting does not help a person that feels tired all the time, consult a doctor. This condition may be caused by blood loss due to stomach or colon cancer. A type of blood cancer, Leukemia, often wears a person down. Weight loss caused by cancer can also make a person feel exhausted.

If any of these symptoms above are spotted, we at POM MRI & Radiology Centers highly encourage patients to take advantage of a Whole Body Cancer Screening for the proper diagnosis of their current condition. We assure every patient that our practice is dedicated to detecting cancer as early as possible to give everyone a higher chance of survival from any forms of cancer.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, improved services, techniques, and devices are at the healthcare providers disposal to help every patient with their concerns. For the early detection and treatment of cancers, take advantage of our Whole Body Cancer Screening in Cooper City, FL! Call or visit us at POM MRI & Radiology Centers to get started.

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